Jacuzzi @ Mustikka


Villa Mustikka has a new outdoor sauna terrace with Drop Design pool jacuzzi. This high quality pool has place for the whole family and naturally also has the bubble feature.

This outdoor terrace is a great place to cool down between the sauna sessions, enjoy the view and even look at the stars at the sky (as there are no disturbing city lights). Villa Mustikka is located high on top of the hill so the view is great and there are no nearby neighbours.

The jacuzzi is always filled up with with fresh, clean and mineral-rich water (1500 liters) from our own deep well.

The pool is electrically heated, so the water is always at the right temperature.

The pool water temperature is remotely monitored and controlled.

The pool water is kept clean with a sand filter, UV-light and chlorine. The water is always changed for each guest group.