Custom-Stocked Fridge – Making Your Life Easy

Imagine arriving to Finland a bit later in the afternoon. Get the rental car and head towards Långstrand. It’s only some 1.5 hours from the airport but the last thing you want to do right now is going grocery shopping in a new city and new country.

No problem, we’ve got good news for you. Our custom-stocked fridge saves you the trouble.

After you’ve booked your stay with us, simply send us a list of your must-have items and we’ll make sure everything’s already in your villa on arrival. A custom-stocked fridge gets you off on the right foot.

You can choose to have just everything you need for the breakfast or maybe everything you need for the first day. 

So why not to book your true vacation in the most beautiful Finnish archipelago ranch you find in the Nordics right now?

Don’t forget to ask about our tips for shopping locally grown and produced food items.