Kayak Rental

We offer our customers the opportunity to rent two top-quality Wave Sport Hydra kayaks. Our region’s waterways are ideal for kayaking, offering both easy-to-navigate areas and breathtaking scenery. With our kayaks, you can conveniently explore the area’s historical sights and more lively places, such as the bustling village life of Bromarv.

Kayaking provides an almost silent way to move through the water, allowing the paddler to blend into the sea waves and surrounding nature. This mode of transportation opens up a diversity of routes through the archipelago’s intricate mazes and open waters, offering endless choices that can be adapted based on the weather and personal experience. Although sea kayaking requires a certain skill level and maritime knowledge, and even though no predefined routes are set, kayaking is still accessible to almost anyone.

Each rental includes life jackets, whose use is mandatory for safety reasons.

Kayak rentals are limited to adults, and renters are required to have prior kayaking experience.