New Activity: Kayak Rental

We offer our customers the opportunity to rent two top-quality Wave Sport Hydra kayaks. Our region’s waterways are ideal for kayaking, offering both easy-to-navigate areas and breathtaking scenery. With our kayaks, you can conveniently explore the area’s historical sights and more lively places, such as the bustling village life of Bromarv.

Kayaking provides an almost silent way to move through the water, allowing the paddler to blend into the sea waves and surrounding nature. This mode of transportation opens up a diversity of routes through the archipelago’s intricate mazes and open waters, offering endless choices that can be adapted based on the weather and personal experience. Although sea kayaking requires a certain skill level and maritime knowledge, and even though no predefined routes are set, kayaking is still accessible to almost anyone.

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Spend White Christmas close to Helsinki region. Everything included.

What if you spent Christmas in close to the Helsinki area in a really cozy premium cottage? Now you don’t have to go all the way to Lapland to celebrate a white Christmas, but you can do it a convenient 90-minute drive from the capital region.

Villa Mustikka’s Christmas includes everything except snow work (it’s already done!) – you can arrive at the wonderful warm cabin at the time you want. The snow work in the yard has been done, the Christmas cleaning has been done and the Christmas tree is ready.

Welcome to experience a cozy Christmas time in the countryside of Tammisaari. Villa Mustikka offers perfect privacy in the serenity of nature, perched high atop a cliff. Great views. Three large bedrooms in their separate wing. The villa has a well-equipped kitchen (2 refrigerators, freezer compartments, stove, microwave, dishwasher, and washing machine).

In the spacious private sauna, you can enjoy the steam, cool off on the outdoor terrace, and if desired, warm up in the hot tub under the starry sky. The house has amenities similar to a standalone home: its own well, hot water, shower, and a separate toilet. In addition to radiators, two efficient air heat pumps provide heating.

For Christmas, we offer a complete package upon which you can build a pleasant and easy Christmas for your entire family.

  • Premium-class large villa (163 m²) for a quality family time (max 6 people)
  • Good road access, ample parking, and snow removal done
  • Located in a quiet spot on a large private plot
  • Accommodation from Saturday 23.12 to Tuesday 26.12.2023 (three nights). Additional nights possible.
  • A front terrace with a grilling option using a large Weber grill, even in winter
  • Well-equipped kitchen and quality tableware
  • Large dining area
  • Large electric sauna (new 9 kW electric stove)
  • Modern log house with good heating (also 2x air heat pump)
  • Bed linen and towels provided
  • Professional final cleaning (so the villa is tidy upon your arrival)
  • Located 20 km from Tammisaari center, which offers city-level services
  • Opportunity to rent a spectacular new Drop outdoor jacuzzi. The jacuzzi always has fresh, mineral-rich well water pre-heated. The hot tub is electrically heated.
  • Possibility to pre-order prepared Christmas meals from city of Tammisaari
  • Additional service available: a lovely Christmas tree (for indoors), Christmas lights and decorations, and an illuminated Christmas tree on the outdoor terrace to create a pleasant Christmas atmosphere.

Contact us for more information! Christmas packages from 1690 euros.

Private Sauna and Spa relaxation package (with luxury accommodation)

You’ll get introduced to the Finnish sauna culture with private access to the sauna complex designed by a famous architect. There is a large wood-heated sauna as well as a traditional smoke sauna.  Cool down in the sea water or heat up in the jacuzzi. Enjoy the heat of the fireplace at the terrace. Sauna snacks and drinks are provided. You’ll stay overnight in a luxury log house and you will wake up refreshed like a new person. Everything you’ll need is included. Price is for max two persons.

Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy

Villa Långstrand is located by the sea, in the beautiful Finnish countryside. Our garden as well as the birch and conifer forests give you a place to relax in the middle of nature. There are paths in the surrounding area for walking in the forest, breathing fresh countryside air and just enjoying the silence. You might even encounter animals such as deer while strolling around. Afterwards, you can just relax in a cozy log cabin. If you wish, you can also combine sauna packages with Forest Therapy.

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Smoke Sauna Experience

Smoke Sauna

The smoke sauna is a traditional, old-fashioned type of Finnish sauna without a chimney. It is heated for hours with wood burned in a particularly large stove until the smoke fills the room. When the sauna is warm enough, the smoke is ventilated out. The residual heat of the stove is enough to enjoy a sauna afterwards. The smoke sauna experience is available for groups up to nine people.

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Midnight Sun @ Långstrand

Midnight sun means that the sun does not set in the summer, even when it’s local midnight. In Villa Långstrand the day is almost 19 hours long in June. Enjoy the midnight sun, have a sauna in the late evening and go swimming at midnight. Relax and enjoy the wellbeing of the body and mind, while admiring a beautiful sea view.

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