Introducing Rural Luxury COMING SOON!

As a premier holiday villa in southern Finland, we are renowned for our exceptional service. Now, we’re elevating this legacy by introducing a groundbreaking concept unique to Finland: Rural Luxury.

Rural Luxury refers to a high standard of living, comfort, and elegance that’s found or created in a rural setting. This concept combines the tranquility, natural beauty, and simplicity of rural life with the comforts, amenities, and indulgences often associated with luxury living. It’s about blending the best of both worlds: enjoying a serene, nature-oriented lifestyle without sacrificing the finer things in life.

Allow us to guide you to a unique Finnish cottage experience, unparalleled and found nowhere else.


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Långstrand Luxe – Winter

Långstrand Luxe – spend a weekend in the paradise

Långstrand Luxe offering consists of massive villa and VIP beach sauna, located on a fully private area of several hectars (and in the middle of American style ranch). The villa has two bedrooms and accommodates up to four persons. This place is only available for adults (18+ years). All spaces are in very good condition and well equipped.

Villa Långstrand

Fishing Experience


Villa Långstrand is known as an excellent fishing area! Even the former Finnish president Kekkonen enjoyed fishing (and sauna) here. Depending on the season, you can fish either from the pier or use our rowing boat. There is also an electric engine available for the rowing boat. In the winter you may be able to try ice-hole fishing. You can bring your own fishing equipment or lend ours. If you wish, you can also prepare and cook your fish on-site. This experience is available for groups of up to six people.

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Sauna and Swimming Experience

Experience a traditional hand-crafted Finnish log sauna in an exceptionally private setting by the sea. Enjoy the wood-heated sauna, cool off with a dip in the sea and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are large fireplaces both indoors and outdoors which add to the relaxing atmosphere. Swimming is possible all year round, and there are beautiful lights placed on the pier as well underwater. This experience is available for groups up to nine people.

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