Finnish Cottage Experience – The Easy Way

Most of us want actually to be on vacation when we go to vacation. Whether it’s a short or long weekend or even a whole week. That’s why we use this kind of Instant Holiday™ concept at Villa Långstrand’s properties.

What does Instant Holiday™ mean? Of course, when you arrive to the cottage, your vacation starts when you walk in the door.

There are two properties available: Villa Mustikka (3 bedrooms, 6 people) and Villa Pihlajanmarja (2 bedrooms, 4 people). Both villas are fully equipped for a demanding customer and only used for rental purpose so you do not need to deal with all the private stuff lying around.

  • The villa is always professionally and carefully cleaned before your arrival. As a customer, you don’t have to start your vacation with cleaning.
  • Bed linen is naturally already made in the beds – your job is to vacation, not to make a bed!
  • The firewood for the sauna and fireplace is ready, and they are dried and of high quality.
  • The jacuzzi has new, clean and mineral-rich deep well water and the jacuzzi is just the right temperature. The jacuzzi is also remotely monitored for the right settings.
  • The Villa Essentials package includes all such basic equipment that you would otherwise easily forget to buy. For example, kitchen paper, toilet paper and coffee filters. If something happens to be forgotten, it can also be found by the host who lives nearby.
  • All pets are prohibited, so the destinations are also suitable for allergic customers. The Långstrand peninsula is also surrounded by the sea, so the air is always fresh and extremely clean.
  • The villas’ heating systems are modern and remote-controlled. With the help of a heat pump, even the summer heat is not a problem, because it also cools the room quickly.
  • The Weber gas grill on the outdoor terrace is high-quality, clean and immediately ready for use. How about hamburgers for the whole group?

The outdoor activities start right from the front door. Or how about a couple of hours of tennis at our private tennis court before taking a dip in the jacuzzi? Or playing with your family at our private Beach Volley field.

When you feel like fishing, you can borrow our rowing boat and fishing rods, for example from a perch. Life jackets are mandatory (the house provides them!). You can even bring your own or rental boat or water jet as we have our own boat slip.

Of course, Villa Långstrand is not suitable for everyone. If you want a work camp for your vacation, you should probably choose another destination.

Villa Långstrand offers busy people a high-class vacation spot where you can experience a relaxing premium surroundings even in a short time. And we’re always close to help you with any practical matters (but not too close, as the villa has huge private lot with no neighbours at sight).

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