Långstrand Luxe – Welcome to the Paradise

Experience Elegance by the Sea – Discover the Serenity of Villa Långstrand

Discover our unique Rural Luxury concept at Villa Långstrand, where luxury meets nature. Nestled by the sea, our exclusive villa offers stunning indoor and outdoor terraces, a sandy beach, and breathtaking views. Immerse yourself in the Finnish sauna experience, with options for a wood-heated sauna or a traditional smoke sauna, complemented by a premium Drop Pool outdoor jacuzzi.

This historic estate, a favorite meeting spot for political and business elites, including former President Kekkonen, offers a tranquil yet stimulating setting. Enjoy a range of tailored services including villa preparation with luxury amenities, 24/7 local support, and optional airport transfers. Activities abound, from tennis on our private court to boating and kayaking, with facilities for both motor and sailing boats.

Embark on exclusive adventures like a private day cruise to the Örö Island, right from our pier. The accommodation, designed for up to four guests, features a private sauna, outdoor jacuzzi, and a seaside terrace with spectacular sunset views, complete with premium grilling equipment. As an option, there is nearby a larger villa for up to eight persons.

We prioritize seamless experiences, handling all arrangements so you can savor your stay. Dining options are customized to your preferences, with a Private Chef service available upon request.

Långstrand Estate spans 18 hectares with over 600 meters of Baltic Sea shoreline, designed by renowned architects Kaija and Heikki Sirén. Only 90 minutes from Helsinki, it’s accessible by car, boat, or helicopter, with transport assistance available.

Our Långstrand Luxe offering ensures privacy, tranquility, and an immersive archipelago experience, surrounded by diverse nature and wildlife. Enjoy a luxurious, peaceful retreat perfect for relaxation or high-level decision-making.


Långstrand Luxe – Spend a Day in the Paradise (Summer)

This is a rare opportunity for those looking for unique place to relax during a trip to Finland.

Spend a day (or longer) with your family, colleagues or friends in one of the most premium environments in Finland. Large sauna complex, originally built for the most secure political and business discussions between the host, guests and former President Kekkonen. Large indoor and outdoor terraces, barbeque grills, sandy beach and unforgettable views. Nearby premium accommodation in a fully equipped log cottage (four persons) or in another premium villa within the walking distance (six persons).

Our host and personnel ensure everything “just works”. We make your stay effortless and unique and you as our guests can focus on the quality time. We can take care of all the arrangements and all that’s left for you is to enjoy the holiday experience.

Långstrand Ranch is a 18 hectares private area with over 600 meters shoreline to the Baltic Sea. Buildings designed by a famous architects Kaija and Heikki Sirén and built for one of the most prominent industry person and president Kekkonen. Used as a private residence for high-level negotiations, especially for large construction projects in Russia and the Middle-East. Renovated by the current owner.

Located in the Långstrand peninsula, just 90 minutes from the Helsinki capital area. Easily reachable by taxi, car, boat or helicopter (landing field available). We can help with any form of transportation.

This package is offered for maximum of six (6) persons. Each package is tailored for your personal needs and can include sauna as a service, Drop Pool outdoor jacuzzi, access to the Baltic Sea (with pathway/underwater lighting), outdoor terrace with open fireplace and seating group and large Weber gas grill. Snacks, drinks and, private chef and other services available.

Optional accommodation in one of our large villas enables you stay longer and enjoy the Finnish Archipelago and optional traditional Smoke Sauna, various options for take-away food and private chef.

Our exclusive Långstrand Luxe offering offers privacy and peaceful atmosphere for decision making and comfortable staying in beautiful archipelago environment. Versatile nature is all around you and many kinds of activities are possible. Even the fauna is something to admire, you can see for example swans, storks and eagles.